Rachael Dahl

Rachael Dahl is a 21 year old pop singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Her faculty for music presented itself at an early age. After dashing on stage at a kindergarden assembly attempting to serenade the audience without permission, Rachael’s parents realized they had a born performer on their hands. She spent her childhood years performing at family events with a karaoke machine, and on stage in choirs and talent shows. During her high school years her guitar became her sidekick and she began putting her struggles to music. At just sixteen years old Rachael was wowing friends and family with original, well-crafted songs, one after the next. She then ventured out of her bedroom and hit the streets, performing at open mic nights and working her way up to renowned venues like The Viper Room, The Key Club and Genghis Cohen.

In 2012 Rachael decided to take destiny into her own hands and enrolled in audio engineering school. There she grew into a true music machine, writing a new song daily and learning to record her own material. Being the only female, as well as the only writer/vocalist in the program, she was sought after by her classmates to write on projects in all genres. A true believer in challenging herself, she reveled in the opportunities and broke out of her shell, building herself into a versatile, fearless writer. In 2012 she graduated top of her class from The School of Audio Engineering Los Angeles (SAE).

Out in the real world her material was immediately well received. At the 2012 ASCAP EXPO Rachael’s song, “Wine Glass” was selected from thousands to be analyzed by a star-studded songwriting panel, where the song received positive remarks. She was soon after featured on blogs including HIT Magazine’s “B-Sides” and For Da Fresh Magazine. Ballin PR praised Rachael’s writing, saying: “With honest lyrics and bold, memorable metaphors, Rachael Dahl leaves no subject untouched.” With the arrival of 2013 came noteworthy collaborations, writing a song performed by Ashley Tisdale in the film “Saving Santa,” along with penning original songs for upcoming feature films with Klaus Badelt.

Today Rachael is writing songs for recording artists seen on The Voice, X Factor, Youtube sensations and other signed talent. She is currently collaborating with producers who have penned hits for Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Frank Ocean, Chris Brown and more. Rachael Dahl is also one half of the up and coming indie duo, DAHL.


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