Nikki Monney


Major Artist Entertainment’s Nicole Alexis Monney, aka Nikki Monney, is a Los Angeles based, California raised pop singer, performer and recording artist. At the age of ten, Nikki began her training as an opera singer with local vocal teacher, Julia Orazem. Over the next few years, she received extensive training in opera, which led to an almost four octave range and her evolution into a coloratura. She refined and tested her skills by auditioning for roles in such productions as “Les Miserables” where she defied the status quo and beat out the upperclassmen for the prized role of “Cosette”. Nikki didn’t stop there, she kept that fire alive by putting herself through years of intense conservatory training; Graduating from the School of the Arts, San Francisco Vocal Program, the San Francisco Conservatory Vocal and Theory Program as well as the ACT Young Artist Vocal Program and the prestigious Boston Universities Tanglewood Institute Young Artist Vocal Program. She was even accepted into M.I. scholarship competition and ranked in the top ten amongst thousands of other contestants. She earned her bachelors in vocal performance working under some of the best coaches in the biz. Nikki also completed her minors degree in music business and interned at Century Media Records. She spent all her life honing her talent and broadening her skills as she tackled everything from opera to country, acoustic rock to Broadway melodies and everything in between. There was no style left untried, technique left unmastered; she learned it all and has vocal mastery. Nikki Monney is an unparallelled veteran of music with skill and finesse that puts her on the map. Having found roots with “Major Artist Entertainment”, Nikki is destiny driven to show the world just how strong her voice is. Nikki’s mother once told her, that when she was born, Nikki never cried: she sang.

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