Eric Cunningham better known by his illustrious persona “Showoff” or “iShowoff”, is President of Major Artist Ent & an American Hip-Hop recording artist.  Born and raised in the streets of Los Angeles, California it only seems fitting that his music would surface from the grass roots of California and with the recent release of his overwhelmingly catchy 1st single “SuperPower”, he has stretched beyond the city lights into a new hemisphere.

Eric and his identical twin brother Rich Rick were raised solely by their mother, Judy, while their father spent 22 yrs in prison.  He recalls the moment when his mother told him “Your Father’s not gonna be coming home for a long while” “That’s when I started adjusting to the streets a little more.” The struggles of the poverty-stricken urban neighborhood drove Eric and his brother to make a better way through any means necessary. By the age of 15, Eric rose from rags to riches, flying high in lavish cars and gaudy jewels, it was during this time he adopted the name “Showoff”, but being the brightest light in the room does not come without a price…

An easy target for the police, Showoff and his new street glory found himself behind bars.  Quickly realizing he did not want to follow the path of his father, he reflected on a conversation he had with his late grandmother Edythe Mae Burch (a white irish woman who married a black and german man), “Eric why don’t you do music?” Her words stuck to his spirit like indelible ink, helping Showoff to formulate a plan and target a world that he only grazed earlier in his life under the guidance of Ralph Tresvant. The passion resurfaced and his purpose was fully outlined in front of him. With a target in clear shooting range, he took the knowledge he gained from the streets and applied his ambition and hustler’s mentality to the studio.

Adamant about granting his grandmother her last wish before her passing, he garnered producers, songwriters, engineers and A&R’s to turn his dream into a reality.  An extremely impatient soul, he would waste no time in working with the who’s who of current music.  The street knowledge he gained would serve as a huge tool in helping him achieve his goals. “Connecting with the right people”, being one of the most crucial elements in music and in the streets.  Within a short few months of deciding to take music seriously, Showoff has gone on to do songs with music legends like E-40, collaborated with TeeFLii, Sean Kingston, Gorilla Zoe, YG, Ray J, Ty$ to name a few and has a plethora of songs he’s done on his critically acclaimed mixtape “This Shh… Bangs” hosted by Power 106’s DJ Carisma and Young California.

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